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I used to be in very bad relationships, and each time i've been saved by people who cared enough to show me how much I was loved and didn't need to earn it. Like for instance, my parents loved me almost unconditionally and were excellant examples of how people don't need to "prove" thier love.Jerimiah 29:11 tells us God has plans for his people, and he is here for our benefit, and we aren't meant to be hurt. Micah 7:8 says that enemies have no right to ceebrate our downfall, because with God we are gettin' right back up and God will shine the way with his truth. Once I got out of those relationships COMPLETELY and took drastic measure to get out of that area i got with Godly people and filled my heart wth the message just as God filled my heart with joy. thank you for letting me rock. FaL.
#29 (0) - Feb 15, 2010 10:02 PM by acemcloud777 - FaL - Vote up (2)
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